3rd Grade

ipad screenLearning: 3rd grade is the year when students are expected to be independent and take more responsibility for their learning.  An agenda is used to write down reminders and to keep study guides.  3rd grade is the first year students receive letter grades on their report cards. Some curriculum topics are multiplication and division, life and planet cycles as well as great civilizations such as Mali, China, Greece, and Rome.  Students generally are taught by their homeroom teacher during the day.  This is also the first year students start taking the SOL.  They will be assessed in Math and Reading.

rainbow circle colored pencils


Trips: Students have their first trip to the Outdoor Lab to support the science curriculum. They also visit the APS planetarium, have a scavenger hunt on the MALL in DC, and take a trip to an art gallery.

Activites: 3rd graders go swimming at the high school for a week to learn basic swimming skills and in music, they learn to play the recorder.