Counseling Services

Classroom Core Curriculum

School Counseling Curriculum (classroom lessons) – All McKinley students participate in approximately 8 classroom lessons with Mrs. Rocco or Mrs. Fuller.  The core curriculum promotes knowledge, attitudes, and skills of student competencies appropriate to their developmental levels through instruction in three content areas: social/emotional growth, academic achievement, and college and career readiness.  Lessons are based on the ASCA National Standards, VA Standards of Learning, and APS competencies. Types of classroom lessons include the value of similarities and differences among people, making and keeping friends, strategies for addressing bullying, effective communication skills, evaluating work effort and persistence, defining the concept of a career, setting long/short term goals related to career and education.

Responsive Services

Responsive services consist of activities designed to meet students’ immediate needs and concerns. This component is available to all students and may be initiated by students, teachers, parents, school counselors or the Intervention Assistance Team (IAT).

  • Individual counseling assists students in understanding their feelings, attitudes, concerns and behaviors.  Individual counseling is short term and solution focused, usually no more than eight sessions. If a child needs on-going therapy a referral will be made to an outside provider. Parent/guardian permission is required for individual counseling.
  • Small Group Counseling may help students experiencing commonly shared concerns and/or development difficulties in areas such as interpersonal relationships with peers and/or adults, attendance, academic achievement, or coping with life changes such as divorce or grief or loss.  Groups typically form  6-10 sessions. Parent/guardian permission is required for group counseling.
  • Crisis response is available to students and families facing difficult situations. School counselors provide support and assistance to students as they navigate critical and emergency situations. When necessary, referrals are made to community resources.