1st Grade Online Resources

READING WRITING PHONICS MATH SCIENCE SOCIAL STUDIES Choice Board Letter Template Sight Word Uno: Preprimer Color It: Addition and Subtraction Science Experiments Choice Board Extensions My Writing Words Dictionary Sight Word Uno: Primer Balancing Act: Balancing Equations States of Matter Carmen Sandiego Raz-Kids Lined Writing Paper Sight Word Uno: 1st Grade Igloo Bump Choice Board […]


Learning: In Kindergarten students work on building a foundation of academics and independence; learn problem-solving skills and improve socializing with their peers. Students work in whole and small groups working on reading and writing along with additional content in the areas of math, science, and social studies. A Typical Day in Kindergarten Unpack Morning Meeting […]


Welcome To McKinley’s MIPA The McKinley MIPA class would like to welcome you to McKinley Elementary School.  The MIPA teacher is Ms. Bluestein –  

1st Grade

Learning:  Developmentally first graders work on their social and academic growth.  They work on number sense, understanding how numbers work together.  They start learning about Virginia history by learning about Jamestown and the Powhatan Indians.  Learning is structured to take place through centers, working to strengthen their ability to work independently. Along with learning centers, students work collaboratively and […]

2nd Grade

Learning: During the year students learn about Native American tribes, the contributions of multiple famous Americans, US geography and being a good citizen.  Students start reading for meaning and work on addition and subtraction fact fluency.   All year long the grade level works on building a learning community where we are kind, courteous and cooperative. Trips: 2nd […]

3rd Grade

Learning: 3rd grade is an exciting year of growth and engagement! Students are expected to be independent and take more responsibility for their learning. Throughout the year, teachers utilize arts integration, personalized learning, cooperative learning, technology integration, and workshop models to increase choice, motivation, and independence in learning. Some favorite curriculum topics are multiplication/division, ecosystems, […]

4th Grade

Learning: Students will not only be taught by their homeroom teacher, but by other teachers on the grade level team. Rotations of content begin in 4th grade as well as getting daily instruction in science and social studies.  4th grade is also when students begin instrumental lessons in school. Participation in the school science fair becomes required. Some […]

5th Grade

Learning: In 5th grade, all students rotate through blocks of Math, Science, and Reading.  Social Studies and Writing are done together for another block of instruction. SOL’s are taken in Science, Reading, and Math. Trips: Annually the 5th graders take a trip to Baltimore to visit the Science Museum or the Walters Art Gallery.  Another […]