Kaleidoscope Mission

The purpose of The Kaleidoscope Project is to comprehensively integrate the arts into all programs and classrooms at McKinley Elementary School.  Just as a kaleidoscope serves both as an object of beauty and as a process to learn about color and light, this exemplary project views the arts—music, dance, visual arts, literature, drama—as positive ends […]

Current Happenings

A commissioned, all-school artwork marks McKinley’s 2016 completed addition & renovation. The artwork’s goal: To create an image for every grade level, representing each individual student. Under the direction of McKinley’s Artist-in-Residence, 729 students in 6 grades participated in the series titled, Kaleidoscope: Multiple Reflections, Infinite Patterns.   Read more about each piece of artwork in […]

APS Partnerships

ETC Arts Partnerships Program creates long-term partnerships with local schools and other community-based organizations. The partnerships allow for the development of widely available, community-based, arts education. By partnering with local schools and their PTAs or other community-based organizations, ETC is able to create arts and arts education opportunities at the local level by using its […]


Where Learning is an Art McKinley’s exemplary project, The Kaleidoscope Project, comprehensively integrates the arts into all programs and classrooms.  The goal of the project is to reach each learner through engaging activities that involve music, dance, drama, visual arts, and theater arts in conjunction with traditional teaching strategies.  Through this arts integrated approach, we […]