Gifted Services

Each school designs services for students identified for gifted services on the basis of countywide objectives for gifted education and unique community needs.School-based programs are delivered:

  • in the regular classroom setting with identified students cluster-grouped with other children
  • with teachers who are specifically trained in elements of gifted education including best practices in differentiated instruction (pdf)
  • through the curriculum, which is differentiated or extended from concepts in the prescribed curriculum and, when appropriate, opportunities for acceleration and advanced studies are provided
  • according to a collaborative resource model in which the classroom teacher works with the resource teacher for the gifted to develop and present appropriately differentiated learning experiences for gifted students within the regular classroom. Collaboration Card

In addition to mastery of the basic skills in the general curriculum, students in differentiated programs are expected to master the following competencies.The students will be able to:

  • identify broad-based issues, problems, or themes
  • distinguish between concrete and abstract questions or concepts
  • recognize interdisciplinary relationships in a given body of knowledge including recommended elementary gifted literature units.
  • identify areas of study that are related to a given topic to allow for in-depth learning
  • identify and sequence the steps for conducting an independent study
  • identify criteria for evaluating an independent study
  • apply the critical thinking skills of analysis, application, synthesis, and evaluation