3rd Grade

ipad screenLearning: 3rd grade is an exciting year of growth and engagement! Students are expected to be independent and take more responsibility for their learning. Throughout the year, teachers utilize arts integration, personalized learning, cooperative learning, technology integration, and workshop models to increase choice, motivation, and independence in learning. Some favorite curriculum topics are multiplication/division, ecosystems, cursive, and great civilizations such as Egypt, Mali, China, Greece, and Rome. This is also the first year that students take a VA SOL standardized test.  They will be assessed in math and reading typically in May.

rainbow circle colored pencils

Unique Activities: 3rd graders go swimming at the high school to learn basic swimming skills. In music, they learn to play the recorder. We hopefully will take field trips to the Outdoor lab to study simple machines.

At Cardinal: Find 3rd grade on the third floor in the orange wing. Our theme is South America highlighting the Amazon Rainforest and cities of Buenos Aires, La Paz, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, and Cusco.