Things have changed a bit since we were last in school.

Please visit the Arlington County Public Health Division/School Health website for the most recent school forms and up-to-date COVID information.

This year we are reaching out to parents individually and inviting parents to contact the clinic to make appointments for in-person student health updates or for student medication drop-off.  The clinic will be open Monday-Friday during normal school hours of 9-3.

  • APS is now only accepting PCR COVID tests (from any location) for clearance to come back to school
  • You must send the negative COVID test to the school’s clinic via email ( and
  • You must obtain clearance from the school’s clinic before sending your child(ren) back to school
  • If a student is enrolled in surveillance (daily or weekly) testing, this is not accepted as clearance to come back to school after developing symptoms
  • Resource Path is the third-party testing company that is doing the surveillance testing and can be reached at 571-375-0755 (website: Testing for Symptoms, Exposures or Back-to-School Post-COVID | Resource Path)
  • APS and Arlington County Public Health Department are working quickly to clear your students to return to school.  Please be mindful that you may not get clearance for your students to return until mid-morning the following business day.

Please contact us at:

All medications must be dropped off with appropriate authorization forms by a parent.  Medication authorization forms are available on the School Clinic site.