Policies and Procedures

What happens if I have an overdue book or a lost/damaged book?

  • When a book is overdue, the student’s account is blocked by the computer, preventing new material from being borrowed. When this happens, we send a “love note” home with the child to request a grown-up’s help with locating the book. During the time before the overdue book is returned to school, students are encouraged to borrow a book from “The Purple Box.” This is a box of very good paperback books that have been donated to us.  Students may also put one book on the “Save” shelf until their overdue books are returned.
  • Lost books must be paid for in order to clear student records. Students will be asked to send money for lost and damaged items depending on the repair or replacement cost. Cash or checks made out to “Cardinal Elementary School” are accepted for payment. If a book is found before the end of the school year, your money will be refunded.
  • With close to 1,500 books circulating weekly, we work hard to keep the shelves up to date and books flowing smoothly. As always, we appreciate all that parents and loved ones of our students do to assure their success each day.